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'Vision Of Hope'

This site was inspired by two very special people in my life, my two daughter’s who carry the same genetic eye condition known as “Achromatopsia”. My girls have been such an inspiration not only to myself but to those they meet. They are each other’s best friend and greatest support system. My 7 year old, not only has achromatopsia but she also carries a diagnosis of estrophia & nystagnus leaving her visual accuity at 20/1600. It is also believed that she may carry another eye condition that has caused her visual acuity to deteriorate at a faster pace. My 19 year old carries the diagnosis of achromatopsia as well leaving her accuity ranging from 20/400 to 20/600. It is our hope that Vision-of-Hope will make a small impact in the way we view visually impaired people, and to also deem our program worthy as we have set our goals to make a difference, We have chosen not to seek pitty but to accept the life GOD has chosen for us with open arms, to keep a positive attitude and make an even bigger impact through HOPE!         (Kim Carver)

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